Tattoo Designs - How to Choose a Design For Your New Tattoo

When it comes to getting a tattoo, most people are surprised to find out that there are so many kinds. With the proliferation of designs on the market, choosing the one you like is not so easy as it may seem.

We are humans who evolved from what we thought were the beasts and plants we lived with. We saw no other option but to evolve into what we are today.

Where do we start when trying to find tattoo designs that will have appeal to us? This is why it's important to consult with a professional. A good tattoo artist will be able to help you decide on the right design.

The two most common tattoos are the butterfly and flower, both of which can be traced back to different kinds of cultures. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians had tattoos of flowers, but the wings of the butterfly are newer to the world. This las vegas tattoo tattoo is found in Asia and particularly on Chinese males. Its symbol is a serpent.

Another popular tattoo is the tribal tattoo. This originated from the Native Americans who used the outline of the tribes and a tribal symbol as a tattoo. This was later adopted by the Europeans and now many cultures use this type of tattoo. It is similar to the tribal designs. There are many more designs you can get, such as the cross, zodiac signs, and even your name.

The Asian art of tattoos was very much influenced by the tribal tattoo. The popularity of tattoos among teens has brought more of a focus on these designs, as well as more people experimenting with them. Of course the name of the artwork will be a huge factor in determining the type of tattoo you choose.


Many people find it interesting that the history shows tattoos originated as a form of self-expression. Nowadays it is becoming very mainstream means of identification, which makes the tattoo a more accepted item. Because of this, many people are choosing the Asian-inspired tattoos.

Deciding on the final choice for your tattoo can be a tough one. With so many different types, it is best to let someone you trust to pick out the one that will be most appealing to you.